Find your MBA tutor

On TutorTower you can find tutors to help you with your MBA studies.

The main steps in finding a tutor on TutorTower are:

  1. Sign in and use the "Get a tutor" button or link to finding your preferred tutor:
  2. Chat with tutors about your study needs and agree on lesson times
  3. Attend lesson(s) and pay tutor
  4. Leave a review for the tutor

For further information read the summary and FAQ's below.

Learner: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

TutorTower exists to help learners to get the most out of their MBA experience by connecting them with qualified MBA tutors. Tutors focus on the needs of individual learners to help to bridge gaps in understanding. In addition to helping learners achieve their goals, our aim is for students to enjoy their MBA studies along the way.
To maintain the quality of your learning experience, learners can leave tutor reviews for bundles, group lessons and 1:1 lessons.

Refunds for lessons taught are at the tutor’s discretion unless the tutor has not given the lesson.

TutorTower wants you to have tutors that meet your expectations. To let you remain in control of lesson quality we suggest that you pay for lessons as you go. If you are dissatisfied with a tutor you can simply stop taking further lessons with that tutor. Your honest feedback in the reviews will help other learners to avoid similar experiences

Earn while helping fellow MBA students as a tutor

1. Create an account

Sign up and complete your profile including the subject(s) that you want to teach. If TutorTower approves your profile, your profile is made public and you get the ability to respond to requests from learners.

2. Get bookings

TutorTower sends you notifications of requests for tutors from MBA students. You get students by responding to the tutoring job ads and offering you help.

The booking is finalised after the learner chooses an offer from one of the tutors that responded to the request.

3. Chat with interested learners

We recommend that you use our internal messaging system for you and the learner to interview each other. The more you know about the student’s learning needs before the first lesson the better for you.

4. Start teaching

Prepare lessons according to the needs of the learner and start teaching as per the timetable agreed to with the student.

5. Get Paid

Get payment from the student.

6. Continue teaching

The student can leave a review of your lessons. If the learner is happy with your lessons the student may continue taking your lessons.

Why should I become a tutor with TutorTower?

Signing up as a tutor with TutorTower makes it easy for you to help your fellow MBA student as a freelance tutor. You can set your own prices lessons.

The benefits for you are:

  • Flexibility to choose:
    • when you teach;
    • where you teach (e.g. in a public venue, in your home or the learner's home);
    • mode of lesson (face-to-face lessons, or video-chats e.g with Skype).
  • The reviews system on TutorTower is also important for establishing your reputation as a good tutor.

Tutor: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

TutorTower is a learner and tutor community that exists:

  1. TutorTower provides a platform for learners to conveniently connect with MBA tutors.
  2. For tutors to help learners to achieve their goals, and along the way for tutors to develop their leadership skills through teaching.
  3. To help you to become a successful freelance tutor. TutorTower's learner feedback system keeps track of your good work so that you can establish your reputation as a great tutor.

TutorTower gives you the flexibility to choose:

  • When you teach;
  • Where you teach (e.g. in a public place, in your home or the learner's home);
  • Mode of lesson (face-to-face lessons, or online e.g. Skype).

You and the learner discuss and agree on the time and place for lessons.

It is up to you to plan the lessons and prepare teaching materials for your lessons. The teaching materials chosen should be interesting and take into account the learning needs of the learners.

All the prices on this website are in Australian dollars.

Tutors set their prices.

The tutor gets payment directly from the learner. TutorTower is not involved in collecting lesson payments.

You can request payment from the learner before or after the lesson as per your arrangement with the learner.
To maintain the quality of the learning experience of every student, we give the learner the opportunity to leave a review for tutors.

Refunds for lessons taught are at the tutor’s discretion unless the tutor has not given the the lesson. Where the tutor has delivered grossly below the learner's expectations we encourage tutors to give learners a refund if requested. The learner may have other avenues of generally available recourses for consumer dispute resolution.


The safety of learners and tutors is very important to us. While the chances of bad experiences with a tutor or learner are very low, we urge all users to exercise caution and do your due diligence. Below are some safety suggestions that both learners and tutors may wish to consider.

Face-to-face lesson or online lessons (eg vis Skype):

  1. Never share your financial details (e.g. your credit card number or bank account number) with a tutor or a learner. Tell us, and avoid a tutor or learner that tries to force you or trick you into sharing your financial details.
  2. Use our internal messaging system for all communications until you are ready to use your personal communication channels e.g. phone and email.
  3. On your first lesson or interview confirm each other’s identities (e.g. view driver’s licence or passport).
  4. If you feel uncomfortable, depending on the situation stop the lesson immediately, or finish the lesson and discontinue further lessons with that tutor or learner.
  5. Report any bad behaviour to TutorTower, and depending on the nature of the behaviour, also report to the relevant authorities such as the police.

Face-to-face lesson:

  1. Before going for a face-to-face lesson, tell your family or friends the name of the tutor or learner, lesson venue, time and duration of the lesson and your expected return time.
  2. For your first face-to-face lessons or for an interview meet in a public place. You can also invite a friend to the first meeting.

We encourage users to contact us to report inappropriate content or behaviour. We take the necessary actions such as terminating the account and/or notifying the relevant authorities if we find that the content breaches our terms and conditions.

If we find that a breach is not serious we may issue a warning. However, if the culprit repeats or escalates the breach we will terminate the account, and if necessary notify the relevant authorities.